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Foaming Pipe Dragon Drain Declogger

Mr. Perfect Foaming Pipe Dragon Drain Declogger is an exciting product that is sure to blow your mind! Clearing blockage with its effective formulation excellent at covering hard to reach areas with its foaming action. But don’t just take our word for it, watch the action as it happens to believe it for yourself!


  • Powerful instant foaming action dissolves hair, grease and other waste
  • Rids pipe of insects, germs and odour
  • Sanitizes drainaige system
  • Safe on plastic pipes

Mr. Perfect Foaming Pipe Dragon’s unique two solutions formula combines to create a powerful instant foaming action that fills up the entire diameter of your pipe to effectively dissolve clogs riding it of items such as hair, gunk, grease and other waste matter that clog up your drainpipes.

Directions of Use

  • Open both caps and pour entire content of the bottle into clogged pipe.
  • Expanding foam indicates clearing of pipe in progress. For best results, allow overnight treatment.
  • Flush with running water to clear debris after treatment.